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Buy Smokes Online

As I find different tobacco products for smokers, I will add them. Currently there are 7 sections. Cigarettes, Cigars, Pipes, Roll Your Own, Grow Your Own, Coupons and Related Miscellaneous Products. If you have a site or page you would like added contact me at SmokersTees

Lawsuits brought by Attorney Generals in several states have stopped shipments into those states. The issue was the millions of lost tax dollars. Imagine that! The health Nazis and their pals just don't get it! When you raise the taxes you raise the price. People will go to a different location or buy from a black market. Read the article at SmokersClub Newsletter Archives for an in dept look at this issue. It looks as if many of the sites have set up zip code checks to see if they can ship into your state.
Another result of those lawsuits was a decision by Visa and Mastercard to block your ability to use your card to make online tobacco purchases. To protect the children of course.
ISSUE UPDATE 2011: This was done in 2006, however as the heat is off, so to speak, it appears you can use your cards again to order. To see copies of one customers complaint to Visa and Mastercard, along with their responses, take a look at this site's web page called Free My Ass. I will leave this page up as a reminder for all of us. An example of the unrelenting hate and the lengths they will go to to control the behavior of others.
I would check Native American tribal sites first if that is an issue for you. The tribal sites will not release your name or information to any government agency. As sovereign nations in their own right, they are not subject to many state or federal laws. New York is trying to change that, as is the state of Washington. I think it is time for all of us to take a stand with the tribes and let our representatives know we do not support any more broken treaties.
Many, if not all of the sites have customer service phone numbers you can use for ordering if you are not comfortable with online transactions. You can still use electronic checks on most sites. You can also print out your order and mail it in using a check or money order.
I have ordered from many of the sites, and haven't had any problems. HINT; If you worry about freshness when ordering several cartons at once, you can freeze cartons until you need them. We used to do it all the time, back in the day. I have also found it useful over the past several years to keep one or two pouches of loose tobacco in my freezer for those months when I run out of money before I run out of month. Keep one of those little rollie machines, and a supply of papers, life is good. Works for me
As I was signing up for the coupon sites I noticed that all the companies are checking age in one way or another. Be ready with your state ID if you are going to sign up. Use Smokeless Tobacco? You'll also find coupons and resources along with a few interesting sites in the Miscellaneous Products Section. The majority of the links on this page are offered as a service to fellow smokers. There are a few that, if you choose to buy from them, I will earn a couple of bucks. Thanks for your support.
Belong to a Social Network? There are options to share at the bottom of the page along with a link to our Privacy Policy. Each page will open a new window or tab, just a little heads up.


Please do remember that when you are ordering from UK, Australian or European sites to read the VAT TAX and CUSTOMS information carefully. The VAT Tax is similar to a sales tax and as far as I can tell, consumers from a different country are not exempt, businesses are if it's for resale. You can always ask.
The US Customs laws and rules seem to allow consumer imports for personal use up to $2000.00 I am assuming the companies know what paperwork is necessary and have procedures in place for US sales. To get an overview on the subject, go here.  US Customs


Discount & Low Cost Cigarettes at the Lower Prices you are looking for.
No Preimum Brands: Seneca King Size Full Flavored $28.25 Carton
Discount Smokes

Has a few Premium Brands, you have to call them to check. Native and Seneca Brands average $29.99 Carton. Located in New York.
Offers Free Samples and Coupons
Seneca Smoke Shop
Website is for pricing only, you have to call them to place an order. Native Brands from approximately $25.00 up. Also has RYO tobacco, papers, snuff and chewing tobacco.
All of Our Butts

European Site Marlboro's $21.63US
Online Cigarette Store, Cheap Cigarettes
Cheap Cigarettes

Buy cigarettes at discount prices. Free shipping; no reporting; timely delivery and attention.
Cigarettes-Com.Net Cheap Cigarettes Online

Online store selling and reviewing the Electronic cigarette ranges plus refill cartridges.
Electronic Cigarette Store

Because the PACT Act prohibits shipment of cigarettes in the USA, you may want to consider switching to cigars. Filtered Cigars are similar to cigarettes in their construction, but they have two unique features that differentiates them from cigarettes. Click the link to read more. Carton: $10.99->$15.00 Located in New York

Cigar Tiger

Filtered Cigars are wrapped in a natural tobacco leaf instead of a chemical-filled "fire safe" paper. Filtered Cigars are not cigarettes, but many smokers enjoy them just as much, if not more! I've ordered here. Fast service.
Buy Discount Cigars

Free Shipping. Cigarettes are made in USA, UK, Switzerland, or France. Shows which country produced which brands. Has the majority of the premium brands available. Has reasonable prices.
Buy Cigarettes

Has a wide selection of cigars, many about the same size as cigarettes rolled in tobacco leaves. Sold by the carton. They do not sell cigarettes. They also offer RYO tobacco. Located in New York.
Big Bufflo Cigars

Located in Kentucky, offers Premium and Domestic Cigars, Little Cigars, and Smoking Accessories at discount prices. Little cigars are filtered. Start at $10.99 carton, some are flavored.
Discount Little Cigars

SoeX India Pvt Ltd is a part of the Sopariwala Exports conglomerate located in India. They are introducing a new tobacco product, SOEX Indian handcrafted Cigarettes. This is shredded tobacco wrapped in Tendu Leaf with a cotton filter.
Soex Handcrafted Cigarettes

CigReviews is a great source for cigarette and e-cigarette reviews and coupons. Find reviews for over 900 cigarettes, electronic cigarettes and online smoke shops. Join the Smokers forum to share your opinions on smokers issues.
Cigarette Reviews

This is an European based website, all cigarettes are made and shipped in Europe. No fire safe paper, made to US standards. Has excellent FAQs, no contact info, does have phone number and email contact.
Lists Marlboros at $23.00
Buy Cigarettes Online USA

eCigarettes Etc. is a company which distributes a wide array of electronic smoking products and accessories in order to create a smoke-free environment.
Electronic Cigarettes

An electronic or e cigarette is an electrical device that attempts to simulate the act of tobacco smoking by producing an inhaled mist. Electronic Cigarette offers a wide range of electronic cigarettes which they believe are the best in the market.
Electronic E Cigarette
Find the very best e cigarette range with refills cartridges replacement parts and more via our online store
Best e-cigarette
Your Link Here


Buy Cigar Accessories and much more at at the lowest prices. We specialize in Premium Cigars, Little Cigars, Humidors, Lighters and more

Tampa Humidor is the leader in providing quality cigar humidors, smoking accessories, and cigars at unbelievable prices.
Cigar Humidors from Tampa Humidor

Feature online cigar store offering wide range of cigars at cheap prices. Brands include Cohiba, Romeo Y Julieta, Montechristo, Partagas and many more.
Cuban Cigars

If you know of a good resource, let me know at Add a Link

Don Conti Cigars decided in the fall of 2007 to sell our Cuban seed, Dominican hand rolled cigars direct to you, the consumer, and offer great prices and fast shipping for all our hand rolled cigars - anywhere in the USA. Don Conti Cigars are among the finest quality Cuban seed hand rolled cigars in the world. Shipping cigars direct from our company maintained facilities ensures a fresh cigar - every time.

Genuine Tobacco sells various types of cigars including White Owl, Phillies, Dutch Master, and many more. Offers 3-pacs for $3.99. US only. Also offers a large selection of Xikar lighters and accessories. This is a family owned business in Pennsylvania. Looks like they are in Court over the Pact Act, they are still taking orders. Orders might help.

Genuine Tobacco

Lowest Prices!

Party Favors.  Buy corporate gifts, cigar party favors, custom cigar bands, cigar gifts, custom cigars, etc., at Label Your Cigar, an online cigar store. Premium cigars starting at $1.00 a stick are made using the finest components on the market and are guaranteed to please everyone who receives them.

Party Favor
If you know of a good resource, let me know at Add a Link

Looking for a cigar club in your area? Maybe a list of personal websites, or online cigar stores. Check here, one of the best sites I've seen for cigar lovers.
Internet Cigar Group

More than just another Cigar Directory. Take a look.
Cigar Websites Directory


E.A. Carey's traveling the world to bring you the finest pipe, cigar and tobacco products for your smoking enjoyment. Located in Ohio, they've been in business over 50 years. Offers discounts to those who join their Tobacco Lovers Club. Also offers pipe repair.

E.A. Carey's Smokeshop

How about some flower wood pipes from Lebanon? These are beautiful! My understanding is that these are available for retail and/or wholesale. Contact information is on page.

Libre Real Briar Pipes

Located in South Carolina, Smoking Pipes offers a large selection of new and estate pipes, tobacco tins and bulk tobacco, a growing selection of cigars, and a full line of accessories. They also will buy those pipes you no longer use.

Smoking Pipes
A family owned business in Pennsylvania. Has impressive selection of pipe tobacco and accessories. Looks like they are in Court over the Pact Act, couldn't find an update. They are still taking orders.

Genuine Tobacco

If you know of a good resource, let me know at Add a Link
If you know of a good resource, let me know at Add a Link
Love Off-beat websites? Have a taste for hard to find smoking accessories? Looking for Hand Carved Meerschaum Pipes? This is the place.
MadDog Curiosity Shop

Roll Your Own

American Thrust Tobacco has a wide variety of roll your own cigarette tobaccos and accessories at very competitive prices. They have a large selection of tobaccos available in 1 oz. sample packs ($3.00 bucks each) along with links to pages for roll your own tips. They also have a large selection of pipe tobaccos. Located in New York. I have purchased from them and was very satisfied.

American Thrust Tobacco

Located in Austin Texas
Rolling Papers          Rolling Machines
Bulk Cigarette Tobacco

Everything you need to roll your own, tobacco or herbal. Our warehouse is full of rolling papers and accessories for smokers from Ashtrays to rolling trays. Blunt wraps and flavored cigar wraps are another specialty of ours. We offer sampler packs of various types of papers so you can try something new. Papers are sold by the box for savings.

Rolling Papers Depot

We continue to ship pipe tobacco(multi-use tobacco, cigars and all other smoking accessories including all machines and tubes, as they are exempt from the legislation passed in June of this year. Located in Pennsylvania
Smokers Outlet Online

Offers Rolling Papers, Filter tips, Rolling Machines, Tobacco, Lighters, Pouches, and more. UK based, please read Shipping Page and Customs information. You may also need to understand the European Vat Tax.

Like to make your own cigarettes? E.A. Carey's Smokeshop carries a large selection of RYO cigarette and pipe tobaccos, rolling machines and accessories, along with complete RYO cigarette kits. Located in Ohio, they've been in business over 50 years.

E.A. Carey's Smokeshop

Roll Your Own is located in Iowa and has been in business for 100 years. Offers a large selection of duel purpose pipe tobacco, and can ship cigarette tobacco to IA addresses. Everything but cigarette tobacco can be shipped nationally is my understanding.
Roll Your Own

Coupons and Tobacco Support

Please note: These links are provided as a service to my visitors. I am not paid for any of these links, I do not get paid, nor do they represent an endorsement of any kind. Enjoy

RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company has removed both the RJR "SmokersRights" and Dorals "Welcome Smokers" websites. They are maintaining a joint website with Philip Morris called Tobacco Issues. The links below will get you coupons and promotions for most RJR brands. You'll find a link to Tobacco Issues at the end of this section.

Lorillard, Inc. is Americas oldest tobacco company, dating back to 1760. Visit the website just to look at some of the pictures they have incorporated into the site.
When I signed up at this site they listed all their signature brands: Old Gold, Kent, Maverick and True. I suspect, but do not know, that you can get coupons for all their brands on this site.

Newport Coupons

Philip Morris provides coupons and special offers for Marlboro, Virginia Slims, Basic, or Parliament.
I looked for a sperate Virginia Slims site, apparently the FDA and their buddies made so much fuss over the marketing to women that they are not promoting this product as aggressively as they did in the past. You can get coupons for Virginia Slims and most of the other PM Brands at the Marlboro site.

Marlboro Coupons          Coupons L&M Only

Commonwealth Brands is the fourth largest tobacco company operating in the United States, owned by Imperial Tobacco PLC. Their brands include USA Gold, Montclair, Sonoma, Malibu and Rave in the United States. International brands are Davidoff, Fortuna, and West. Coupons for their brands are available on the following sites. Sign up for USA Gold you will get coupons in your email inbox.

Join USA Gold        Join Davidoff Cigarettes
Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company, Inc. manufactures Natural American Spirit additive-free-tobacco cigarettes and other tobacco products, and markets them both nationally and internationally. Offers Certificates that can be used like coupons. Visit the site and sign up for more information.

Natural American Spirit Cigarettes
Smokeless Tobacco Coupons


Tahoe Moist Snuff
Citizens for Tobacco Rights is a group of adult smokers and dippers joining together to learn more about and take action on issues they care about. It is supported by Philip Morris USA, U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Company and John Middleton.
Ideas, hints and info on becoming an advocate for Smokers Rights and issues. Up dates to you will be about your state.
Citizens For Tobacco Rights
Tobacco Issues maintained by Phillip Morris/Altria is the place to start if you're ready to write letters or make phone calls. How does your congress person vote? Find out. Lot's of information.

Tobacco Welcome

Grow Your Own

Tobacco Talk offers packs of seed, how to grow your own and explains some of the differences between various kinds of tobacco. Has both cigar and cigarette tobacco seeds and leafs.
Also has a forum for growing, harvesting, drying, curing, fermenting and aging your leaf. Located in Pennsylvania, this is an individual not a company. Good resource!
Tobacco Talk

Roll Your Own is located in Iowa and has been in business for 100 years. They offer Tax Free tobacco seeds along with everything else tobacco.
Roll Your Own
If you know of a good resource, let me know at Add a Link
If you know of a good resource, let me know at Add a Link

Related Miscellaneous Products

Smokeless Tobacco
Get your Plug Tobacco at
Get your Twist Tobacco at
Get your Moist Snuff at
Get your Dry Snuff at
Save $5 on your next purchase of Copenhagen Long Cut. Now on sale for $16.99

Ships APO, FPO and Inernational

Portable Spittoons
Only spitter good enough for the Armed Forces. If you are into Red Neck Nation, military pics and car racing you'll love this site. If you need a portable spitter, you'll love it even more.

Mud Jug

Snuff Can Holders & Containers
Snuff Caddy is a manufacturer, wholesale supplier, retail supplier and distributor of snuff can holders for American/Canadian snuff/tobacco chewers in United States and Canada.

Snuff Caddy

Dip Time doesn't sell anything. It's a review and information site about smokeless tobacco. Provides an over-view of the dip world and an interesting resource for any of you who might be considering "Taking a Dip".

Dip Time

We're Smokers!
We NEED "Get Out of Hell Free" cards! Ask any anti choice foolio. These are great, based on the Monopoly game card "Get out of Jail Free". Offered by the "This is True" website, interesting weekly newsletter with a Liberitarian twist. Last time I checked they also offered a T-Shirt.
Get Out of Hell Free

Cigarette Urns
Tired of cigarette butts all over the outside of your establishment? Enhance your image with a fire safe, attractive cigarette urn or public ashtray from Cigarette
Cigarette Urns

Looking for Cigarette Cases

We stock a large selection of Zippo Lighters and Zippo Accessories. Our customers enjoy fast, friendly and secure shop at home convenience, along with quick delivery and low prices.
Zippo Lighter Products

Hookahs, Hookah Tobacco and Accessories

Smokewire Headshop. Head shop SmokeWire for all your smoking needs! We Sell Bongs, Glass Pipes, Bubblers, Water Pipes and many more!
Smokewire Headshop

The cartoon of "Bill" saying "It's ok to inhale" is worth the click. They also offer herbal alternatives for tobacco smokers who enjoy smoking but are worried about nicotine or who may need to pass a drug test for tobacco use. Strange isn't it? Tobacco is a legal product.

EazySmoke.Com 100% USA Legal Herbal Smoke and Legal Bud Alternatives - Free Shipping & Free Smoke.
Legal herbal smokes, Legal Buds, flavored papers and mood enhancement pills from.

They also offer a large selection of unique tobacco pipes, water pipes, etc. is a leader in providing high quality hookahs for your smoking pleasure.
We are your #1 source for Hookahs, Water Pipes, and Flavored Tobacco, offering the lowest prices available anywhere.
Hookahs and Flavored Tobacco

I would love to hear them.


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