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To SmokersTees

We offer Smokers tee shirts and products that say


To the most effective marketing campaign in history:

The Anti-Smoking Campaign


If you smoke, are you;

Tired of the hassle?   The long walks outside?   The snubs?    The stares?    The questions?    The lectures?   The enabled bullies!    The Health-Police!

We can help.

Hey, we're smokers. Which means we like to "DO" stuff; take chances; poke around in odd places; all those things that scare the hell out of the Anti-Choice Nannies and the Politically Correct. You know, the folks who struggle to think outside the box while we're sitting here going "Damn, there's a box!".

If you're ready to start taking a stand, take a look at our product pages. We offer Tees, Caps, and Bumper Stickers that simply say "Designated Smoking Area", others that yell "YO, Health Police You Can Kiss My Butt", then there are the I Heart Smokers shirts. You might find exactly what you need.

See Smokers Tees                         Caps, Bags and More.

All Smoker Friendly!

Smokers and Non-Smokers

Do you know:

  • How many cigarettes it would take for the Arsenic in second hand smoke to become toxic?             375,000 Per Hour!

  • How many chemicals are contained in an average meal?                                                                    10,000

  • Do you think the anti-smoking campaign looks like a hate campaign?                                                  I do
Are You Looking For

  • Facts about secondhand smoke exposure that will empower smokers while reassuring nonsmokers?

  • A look at the psychological and linguistic tricks behind smoking bans?

If you eat meat or junk food, drive an SUV, ride a Harley, own a gun or enjoy a beer now and then, what has been used in the anti-smoking campaign will be used against you. Think they wouldn't lie to take over your life, decide what you can eat, how you raise your child or how much energy you can use? Think again.
In 1967 a Health Survey taken by the Department of Health in 1964-1965 of approximately 42,000 households containing approximately 134,000 individuals was submitted to the Attorney Surgeon General. What they found was the healthiest group of individuals were those who smoked 1 to 11 cigarettes a day. That report was removed and has been unavailable for the past 40 years. The Tobacco Companies were not lying, they were trying to defend a legal product.
The November 1994 Congressional Health Sub-Committee Chaired by Henry Waxman of California was given a report from the Department of Health that found no evidence of a link between second hand smoke and cancer. They also found no link to heart disease or stroke in smokers or non-smokers. We all know the kinds of regulations and taxes that have been passed over the past 30 years. We are all fully aware of the scorn, ridicule, humiliation and discrimination smokers have been subjected to for over 30 years. For our own good? Draw your own conclusions.
Just for the record, I pay all my own expenses including maintenance of this site. I don't know anyone who works for any of the major tobacco companies. I just use their products and it piss's me off no end that I can no longer shop across state lines to purchase a legal product with a Visa or Mastercard, at the best price I can find. Links to the articles follow.

Lost Report 1967 US Department of Health
Tobacco Legacy Library University of California San Francisco
1994 Report Second Hand Smoke

We need your help and support. Please consider yourself a Smokers Friend.

We need to remember that smokers are found in all walks of life, at every economic level. We need to remember that Freedom of Choice requires tolerance for the choices of others, and includes the right to make bad or wrong choices.
It seems to have become OK over the past 30 or 40 years to blur the lines between ethics and morals, character and lifestyles. Ethics have been deemed irrelevant or outdated concepts at the same time elitist social progressives in both major political parties legislate moral and lifestyle choices for the "common good" of society.
As you read the content on this site you need to understand that I define ethics as the basic choices of personal conduct known as character; those decisions concerning honesty, integrity, trust, tolerance, and personal responsibility.

It has been my experience and I suspect the experience of most smokers that there are a large number of non-smokers or ex-smokers who are afraid to take a stand. They like to hang out with us because we have more fun. Empty bars make the point. Social progressives have gradually brought us to a point where an authoritarian state can be imposed in the name of safety, good health, social acceptance and proper lifestyle choices. Campaigns like the anti-smoking campaign are tools that have enabled bullies every where.
Now, if you are a smokers friend, but you are not comfortable taking a stand, could you do us a favor and refuse to participate. It really is easy. Next time an enabled bully starts in on a smoker, if you could just say "It's none of our business." Then just wait quietly, or refuse to engage in any further conservation on the subject. A bully will back down in the face of 2 opponents Thank you.

With you, we can make a difference.

Need help getting registered to vote, contact information for your elected representatives, maybe you would like an easy way to track bills through Congress. Take a look at Smoking Rebel to find all that more.

Interested in some ideas to write letters to newspapers, your congress person; a good response to the next enabled bully that comes your way. Would you like finding contact resources to join with other smokers; learning more about junk science and how to recognize it? Find a Tea Party near you? Please take the time to look over our action pages.   Smoking Rebel,   Smoking Rebs Know,   Free My Ass,   SmokersTees Challenge and   In My Opinion. You will feel better. There are actions you can take. There are responses to attacks from enabled bullies.

Thinking about buying smokes online? You'll find cigarettes, cigars, pipes, roll your own supplies and more on our page   Buy Smokes Online.

Looking for other smoking related sites? Maybe a group in your state? Look at our   Smokers Friends   page and then check out the Smokers World Web Ring on the bottom of this page.

Tired of the hassle shopping has become? Starting to think about Christmas? Money and time tight?
On-line Shopping, world wide options, from the comfort of your home, coffee and ashtray near, is an excellent alternative. You can shop at well known, trusted, reputable companies. You can name a star for a friend, foil a speed trap or find a sword; fishing, camping or hunting supplies, books, movies, or book an adventure trip, all from the comfort of your home. Best of all, if you need to ship gifts out of town, you can buy online, ship to an address different than the billing address. Saves time, gas and cash. Leisure and TravelGifts and Gear.
The Party Pages offer food, booze, accessories and maintenance items for a home bar, prepared foods or meals delivered to you for less than you might think, deserts, on-line international grocers offering recipes, ideas and speciality items. Tired of the same "ol" same "ol" check them out and see what options you really have.   Party Food,   Party Drinks, and   Home Sports Bar. You may be surprised.

Ike wiped out a major portion of the Texas coast line, Louisiana and Mississippi are still rebuilding from Katrina, along with new damage from Ike. Added to nature's damage these same folks are now dealing with the damage from the BP oil spill and a heavy handed federal government. If you have a couple dollars extra, these folks could really use your help, especially in an economy like we have right now. The first link will take you directly to the Salvation Army Organization home page.
Yes, they are a faith based organization. However, they are among the most ethical organizations in the world from what I've ever seen, with administrative costs that puts most of the other non-profits to shame. Your money goes where you want it to go. To the people who need it, day after day. By the way, besides feeding folks, they are also involved in providing safe places for kids in the worse neighborhoods, helping families and more. Then there are the emergencies! Works for me.
Salvation Army USA

Want to help but you're short on cash? This page contains a lot of options and specific programs the Army offers to those who need hope and help along with ways you can help.
Ways You Can Give


Why do I have this on my main landing page? Starting with Katrina, maybe some other natural disaster, I noticed what a well oiled machine the Red Cross is when it comes to getting the call for donations going. That costs a bundle I suspect. I was taking a look at some of the mainstream charities on some other issues, did a little "comparison shopping" out of curiosity. There had been some issues concerning pay and perks for the Red Cross top management, and there had been some lawsuits filed by the anti religion groupies trying to stop the bell ringers at Christmas from the Salvation Army. I'm a smoker and I do not trust progressive liberals, at all. I can also get my quirky ideas.
Every disaster and emergency the Salvation Army stands along side the Red Cross, never fails. Every day, 24/7 the Salvation Army is there for a lot of lost families and individuals the rest of us don't even think about, in neighborhoods most of us never visit. If you are conservative or libertarian they demonstrate the principal of taking care of those in need without government handouts.
Now, the Red Cross does a lot of good in disasters and emergencies like helping families displaced by fires, toys at Christmas, offering First Aid certificates. I just thought the Salvation Army could use a helping hand for the outstanding job they do day after day for those who have nothing. A lot of bang for the buck. Works for me.

Want to find:

Grass roots organizations, across the USA, working to protect our choice to smoke?

Smoking networks?           Smoking friends?           Join us here.

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